Wine of the Month: ISTRIONE

02 June 2022

With these hot summers would you like to taste a fresh, dazzling wine, with an aromatic, intense and intriguing profile?

Then Istrione is the right wine for you.

Istrione its taster an interesting leaning to a still version of the  Romagnolo Pignoletto

What is the origin of this variety of grape which is also known as Grechetto Gentile?

Mentioned in the ancient writing “Naturalis Historia” of Pliny the Elder, Pignoletto was well known by the ancient Romans.

The name of this variety is thought to come from the shape of the bunch resembling a pine comb. It is thought that the origin of this variety is linked to Greek terrain.

In fact, laboratory tests have shown that the DNA of the Pignoletto is linked with Grechetto di Todi. Early writings dated around ‘600, refer to this grape, as a white ‘Pignole’ .

Despite the traditions that attribute the origins of such to the area of the Colli Bolognesi (the hills of Bologna)  – from which derives  the homonymous DOCG –  it is becoming more and more possible to trace excellent examples of this vine also in Romagna, thanks to ever greater attention directed to the search of high standards of productivity, from the plant to the cellar.


The extraordinary potential shown by the Pignoletto grape (grechetto gentile) produced by our vines has inspired the oenological team heading the Santerno Wines project in their turn to rise to the challenge to maximize the characteristics of a truly extraordinary vine.

And so Istrione is born, a straw yellow colour, ample floral bouquet, intriguing because of its balance between its vivacity and softness, pairing well with fish dishes (Cod with olives and capers, Sea Bass baked in foil, Lobster) and risotto; thanks to its marked freshness it is also suitable for tasty Italian aperitives.


Pignoletto DOC Spumante Santerno: the perfect wine for a sultry summer

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