Wine of The Month: Manzoni Bianco Rubicone I.G.P. "Cheilante"

06 July 2020

Lately we have had the opportunity to speak quite frequently about our production of white wines, especially in relationship to our network joining the "Club dei Bianchi in Romagna" (“White Wines Club of Romagna”) project.

As specified in one of our latest articles, in addition to some of the most famous native white varieties from Romagna (Pignoletto and Albana), our production also involves other varieties, such as Chardonnay - the international white grape par excellence - Pinot Grigio and ... the Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13!

It is decidedly impossible not to be intrigued by the name of this grape variety - we invite you to discover its history and characteristics on our website by clicking here - but equally surprising will be the discovery of its potential in our glass.

Manzoni Bianco Rubicone I.G.P. "Cheilante" of the Santerno Wines line is certainly one of the white wines with the greatest personality in the Tenute d'Italia catalogue. A real terroir wine, Cheilante perfectly combines the qualities of the grape with which it is produced and the special characteristics of the specific territory in which it is born, for a simply unrepeatable combination.

Its straw yellow colour with delicate greenish reflections immediately suggests that we find ourselves in front of an intensely fresh wine, but right from the first rotations in our glass we can also glimpse its sumptuous body.

The first movement of the wine in the glass  releases the first intriguing notes of its bouquet to the nose: at the beginning fruity hints dominate, from juicy citrus fruits - grapefruit and orange peel - to ripe pear, immediately embraced and refined by fresh notes of white flowers - jasmine - and delicate herbaceous suggestions, like a fresh meadow beaded with dew on a summer morning.

Now we proceed with the tasting, and here the Cheilante personality unfolds in all its enchanting complexity.

The exceptional freshness is supported by a special savory note - a distinctive brand of the territory of origin, the Santerno Valley - but the overall sensation is anything but hard: the surprising alcoholic support gives Cheilante a warmth, a softness, that perfectly balance the sensations on the palate, providing an excellent example of what is called well balanced wine.

Its characteristics undoubtedly make Cheilante a wine that is suitable for accompanying our whole meal, from the first courses - for which I recommend (from experience!) a good risotto with asparagus - to the main courses, especially fish, which we can grill , garnished with a few, simple aromatic herbs, or serve raw, like a tartare or, dreaming of the East, in a sushi version.

Whatever your choice, I recommend paying particular attention to the temperature: although it is absolutely necessary to serve it cool, it should nevertheless not be excessively so. In other words, too low a temperature will not allow Cheilante to fully express its characteristics: to guarantee the maximum pleasure to our tasting it will therefore be necessary to maintain the serving temperature around 10°C-12°C.

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