White sparkling wine: the consolidated love between grape juice and bubbles

31 March 2022
White sparkling wine

Always combined with the most disparate dishes, white sparkling wine is one of the most consumed wines of all, both in Italy and abroad.

Its effervescence lightens even the most complicated days, sweeping away any bad thoughts, right from the first sip. Yet, what we consume so naturally in reality, does not exist at all in nature.

In fact, wine is not born sparkling but becomes so, during the very first process of alcoholic fermentation. The love - now consolidated - between wine and bubbles therefore flares up from the earliest stages of production, when the grapes are pressed and transformed into must.

Clara C: the white sparkling wine for every type of palate

Clara C is a white sparkling wine which perfectly celebrates the relationship between grape juice and bubbles.

A wonderful Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG from the homonymous winery, it is grown in the famous hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, between Venice and the Dolomites.

A bright greenish colored Prosecco, crossed by a minute perlage, Clara C gives off an intense, very fine and fruity aroma. A dry and lean white sparkling wine, it is a soft and well balanced product, with an excellent aromatic persistence.

For this reason, it is perfect as an aperitif, but also a perfect companion with fish, crustaceans and shellfish appetizers. 

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