Welcome to Tenute d'Italia Blog

28 March 2020
Tenute News

We’re delighted to give you a warm welcome to the Tenute d’Italia blog, the new project dedicated to the discussion of the principal topics related to the great world of wine, conceived with the idea of encouraging an increasingly conscious approach to one of the most intriguing and complex products that make up our daily lives.

From the reading of the label to the various methods of tasting, passing through the actual techniques of production, our objective is to compose a story that can promote a greater understanding of the world of wine, offering information and useful tips to navigate our way more comfortably through an increasingly changing market.

We invite each reader, then, to view this blog as a toolbox in which one may find some valid tools for refining their understanding, to stimulate new interests, but above all to evaluate one’s own experience as a consumer.

So, lets lift our glasses and toast the start of this new and exciting adventure!


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