Just a month to winter: how to make mulled wine?

25 November 2021

Winter is coming and with it the cold December days, to be spent under the covers with a good hot drink. Board games, chat with friends, a lit fireplace and moments of sharing to be framed with a good glass of mulled wine, the typical hot winter drink, prepared close to the Christmas holidays.

Mulled wine, also known as vin chaud, is the typical aromatic and fragrant drink that invades the Christmas markets and warms the hearts of those who are most tied to tradition.

Based on full-bodied red wine, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and citrus fruits, mulled wine is very simple to prepare, even for those who do not have the time or the desire to venture into the crowded Christmas markets.

Practical tips for preparing mulled wine

To properly prepare mulled wine, it is first of all necessary to select the spices responsible for the flavoring of the drink and the appropriate red wine. In this regard, it would be better to choose a full-bodied, high quality wine, such as Sangiovese or Merlot: it is important to use only one, without mixing it with other types.

Mulled wine: advice, variations and conservation

Mulled wine has remote origin: the friars’ brotherhoods were the first to prepare it, thanks to their knowledge of aromatic alcoholic beverages. The friars used "burnt wine" as a natural medicine against colds, taking advantage of its disinfectant and toning action.

Over time the mulled wine recipe has evolved, making small changes and variations.

In addition to cinnamon and citrus fruits, ginger and cardamom are also used today: the use of spices purchased shortly before the preparation of mulled wine is important in order to give the drink the right taste.

Also for the choice of sugar it is possible to use both white and cane ones, but honey is not to be excluded, being perfect for giving a slightly different flavor note to our warm cuddle.

A good mulled wine can be kept in the fridge for a maximum of three days: before serving it, always remember to cook it over a low heat, being careful not to burn it.

The result will be a warm, slightly alcoholic drink, suitable for any situation.

After selecting the right wine and spices, we can proceed with the preparation: in a steel pot pour sugar, citrus peel, spices and red wine and mix everything for about 10 minutes, on low heat.

Then filter the liquid mixture and pour it into heat-resistant cups: an imaginative decoration will make our creation even more joyful, as will the addition of citrus slices or cinnamon sticks.

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