Marketing Strategies in the Wine World: A Toast to Sporting Events



In the world of wine marketing, sponsorship of sporting events is a practice that is as widespread as it is effective. Although it may seem unusual at first glance, the reality is that moments of triumph and celebration are often accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine. Think, for example, of Formula 1, the Giro d'Italia, or celebrations in the world of football.

 This tradition, rooted in time, not only guarantees immediate product visibility, but, as highlighted in a dedicated analysis, aims to create an emotional bond with the public. Millions of spectators, repeatedly exposed to a brand, can develop a preference that translates into purchasing choices. When the product becomes a symbol of celebration, it acquires a 'cool' value, becoming the object of desire.
However, the choice to associate with sporting events goes beyond mere exposure. As pointed out by Franco Santini in Corriere Vinicolo, "there is a deep link of values between wine and sport, such as dynamism, inclusion, sociability and the continuous striving for improvement". This synergy is "fundamental for effective commercial positioning and for building a solid brand image consistent with the sporting values of excellence, success and conviviality, as highlighted" by Massimiliano Bruni, an expert in strategy and brand management.
The results speak for themselves: "the combination of wine and sport proves to be a winner, contributing not only to an improvement in image but also to a concrete increase in turnover and expansion into new markets, both local and international".
Tenute d'Italia: A Vision in Line with Sport
For our part, at Tenute d'Italia, we have chosen to embrace this strategy with conviction, aligning our corporate values and missions with those of sport. Our presence in foreign markets is guided by principles of collaboration and unity, elements that we also find reflected in the world of sport.
Last year, we had the honour of participating as a sponsor in the 70th anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix, an occasion to celebrate with our wines and delight the audience during gala dinners. This year, our presence as a sponsor at the World Table Tennis Championships in Busan, South Korea, reinforced our value and esteem in Asia.
These successes are the result of our commitment and reflection on our corporate goals. In the same way that sport conveys ideals of cooperation and teamwork, we at Tenute d'Italia also want to continue along this path, sharing successes and celebrating with you, with excellent wine and synergies based on cooperation and shared commitment.
 Some references and names are extracted from the Corriere Vinicolo article of 26 February 2024

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