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Tenute d'Italia is Now on YouTube

This blog is not the only new feature conceived in Tenute d’Italia’s new communication plan.

The desire to share our great passion for wine has prompted us to pursue other forms of communication that can involve the public and make them truly part of our work.

Besides the official profiles of Tenute d’Italia on Facebook e Instragram, from today there is a new YouTube channel, entitled Tenute d’Italia.

Alongside the presentation video of our company and it’s philosophy, here you will be able to find important contributions about the in-depth studies dealt with in our blog, mini-documentaries that closely illustrate our work and its central characters, ending with real video guides for the discovery of wines in our catalogue.

Buona visione! Happy viewing!

Video Blog: Starting the New Series on Italian Wine Denominations

In the article dedicated to the presentation / tasting of our Chardonnay Trebbiano Rubicone I.G.P. "Il Fascinoso" we referred to the double mention of grape variety that appears in its denomination

Maybe few have noticed this little detail... but what if we told you that it would be possible to produce a Rubicone I.G.P. with a cut of Chardonnay and Trebbiano but showing only one of the two types on the label? What would be the difference between these two wines in the eyes of the law, but especially in those of the consumer? 

We have already had occasion to mention the issue of the importance of the label as a source of information on the wine we are going to consume, and we have decided that the first step in investigating this important theme should be taken precisely in the field of denominations. We start with the production of a series of videos dedicated to the explanation of their meaning, and further, to all the information they contain and, consequently, that they are able to transmit to us. 

The stages of our journey will be the names included in the commercial offer of Tenute d'Italia, starting from the region that gave birth to our project, Emilia-Romagna, and will offer us a perfect opportunity to present you an even closer view of our company, our philosophy, and above all our products.

All contributions will be available in English (YouTube) and Chinese (YouKu): for more information, we invite you as usual to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by filling in the appropriate form on our website.

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