wine storage

Wine storage: let's discover how to preserve wine

Wine storage is a much discussed issue, far from obvious.

Understanding how to preserve wine is in fact essential to keep the characteristics of the product unchanged, allowing a functional evolution.

When deciding how to preserve wine, there are many variables to consider.

The environment surrounding the bottles must not in fact compromise their aging: temperature, light and ventilation must therefore be constantly monitored.

Wine storage: light, temperature and inclination

The factors to be analyzed when choosing how to proceed with wine storage, are disparate and closely related to maintaining its quality.

Humidity - for example - is one of the most important variables, to be kept absolutely under control. The optimal storage environment should never exceed 75% relative humidity, otherwise the bottles could be seriously damaged by mold, which would also affect the contents.

Light plays a fundamental role in the conservation of wine, too. Photosensitive and not particularly accustomed to neon, wine prefers to rest in more shady environments. In fact, light accelerates its decay process, affecting its olfactory and gustatory properties.

Even the inclination is very important when thinking about how to preserve wine. The perfect inclination is in fact 5 °, because it allows the residues to settle on the bottom of the bottle, keeping the cap moist and preventing the entry of oxygen.

Before consuming it, we advise you to keep the bottle vertically for a while, so as to separate the sediments from the real "liquid" of the wine.

Wine storage: the difference between red and white 

Obviously, the conservation of wine is not the same for all types.

While red wine can be stored at higher temperatures (up to a maximum threshold of 18 °), white requires a lower temperature, no more than 12 ° degrees. An important detail to consider when deciding how to preserve wine is the age of the product.

Younger reds require a few degrees less than older colleagues.


A too low temperature storage can cause a block in the evolution of the product, increasing the possibility - for the sediments - to settle on the bottom of the bottle. On the contrary, too high temperatures can cause the alcohol to evaporate, irreparably ruining the flavor of the product.

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