Organic wine: a look at sustainable development

20 September 2021

Organic wine is consolidating itself as a significant reality of the Italian agri-food industry: it is no longer a fashion and not even a niche product, but rather a real ally for the protection and enhancement of the territory.

First of all, organic wine is a product that derives from a cultivation method with very specific rules, which categorically excludes the use of pesticides or synthetic chemical fertilizers.

The main idea is to believe in the potential of a chemical-free vineyard, completely dependent on and respectful of the local vine variety area and far from all those pesticides that tend to stimulate quantitative production.

To fertilize the land, on the other hand, organic fertilizers are used and greater attention is paid to strengthening the plants to prevent possible damage by parasites: organic wine is therefore much more oriented towards the idea of ​​qualitative production, focusing on the precious relationship between land, plant and climate and respecting their times and production.

In 2012, the European Union finally made it possible to regularize the organic wine sector: the European Regulation 203/2012 establishes strict rules regarding the production of organic wines, outlining the methods of vinification and allowing the use of the relevant European logo on the label, for companies certified by an authorized body.

Obviously, within the limits imposed by the legislation, each certified organic producer follows its own specific conduct, using the oenological practices that are closest to its concept of sustainable agriculture.

Here at Tenute d'Italia, we have always considered the fundamental principles of our work in full  respect and enhancement of the territory!

To further increase these values, ​​we have therefore decided to concentrate our energies in the production of two organic wines that we will soon present to you in detail: Sangiovese Polidoro and Albana Ribalda.

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