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China: Ad Hoc tools for a prestigious interlocutor

The communication plan designed to increase and improve the visibility of our commercial profile is enriched with new tools. The social activity of Tenute d’Italia has in fact broadened its horizons to include among its recipients one of the most interesting markets in the world: China.

The official profiles of Tenute d’Italia are already available on we WeChat and YouKu, and our team is working to explore further developments on other platforms.

Alongside this important activity, thanks to the technical and linguistic support of our team specialised in this specific market, we have recently been able to add the organisation of online events with our business partners and their customers to carry out authentic group tastings.

These first experiences which, to our delight, have met with great success among all the participants, will certainly be the object of further study to offer our customers a service evermore perfectly suited to their specific needs... so that we really do feel closer!

E-Commerce: Tenute d'Italia on Wine Jump

2020 is proving more and more to be a year of great initiatives for Tenute d'Italia: after starting the blog and the multimedia projects already available on our YouTube and YouKu channels, our network is happy to announce the inauguration of a new, important online commercial channel in collaboration with the Wine Jump website.

Innovative reality in the panorama of European wine e-commerce, Wine Jump is a platform that promotes the short chain, ensuring direct contact between producers and consumers.

This philosophy, perfectly summarized in the company motto "From cellar door to front door", translates into a portal where you can get to know the companies participating in the project and view the products, all currently available in 7 European countries, including Denmark, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Italy.

For more information and to discover the selection of our wines available on Wine Jump visit our company page by clicking here

Tenute d'Italia is Now on YouTube

This blog is not the only new feature conceived in Tenute d’Italia’s new communication plan.

The desire to share our great passion for wine has prompted us to pursue other forms of communication that can involve the public and make them truly part of our work.

Besides the official profiles of Tenute d’Italia on Facebook e Instragram, from today there is a new YouTube channel, entitled Tenute d’Italia.

Alongside the presentation video of our company and it’s philosophy, here you will be able to find important contributions about the in-depth studies dealt with in our blog, mini-documentaries that closely illustrate our work and its central characters, ending with real video guides for the discovery of wines in our catalogue.

Buona visione! Happy viewing!

Tenute d’Italia joins the Bianchi Club in Romagna

We are pleased to announce our enrolment into the Club dei Bianchi” (literally “The Whites Club”) in Romagna.

The project, initiated in 2018 and which brings together some of the most significant producers in our area, has set itself the important objective of promoting the visibility and reputation of Romagna white wines, fostering an increasingly widespread knowledge among the general public.

In spite of the current emergency situation caused by COVID-19 forcing the cancellation of numerous events and promotional initiatives, the Club’s activities are in full swing. They continue to pursue their mission in the best way possible … in hopes of being able to meet again soon to raise a glass together, perhaps filled with a good Pignoletto or Albana!








The New Tenute d'Italia Catalogue Available for Download

The new Tenute d'Italia catalogue is available for download on our official website. A new graphic design, designed in collaboration with Cristiano Capelli - Idee, Immagini e Parole , to present our network, our work, and of course our great passion for wine to the world.

The catalogue is available in Italian, English and Chinese and can be requested directly from the home page, by entering your data: just a few seconds and you can download the catalogue directly to your device in PDF format.

May we remind you that the presentation brochures of our individual brands are also available on, all containing a brief presentation of the philosophy behind each project and the technical data sheets of all the wines.

For further information, please contact our sales office at Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. or by filling in the appropriate form in the contact section of our website.

Video Blog: Starting the New Series on Italian Wine Denominations

In the article dedicated to the presentation / tasting of our Chardonnay Trebbiano Rubicone I.G.P. "Il Fascinoso" we referred to the double mention of grape variety that appears in its denomination

Maybe few have noticed this little detail... but what if we told you that it would be possible to produce a Rubicone I.G.P. with a cut of Chardonnay and Trebbiano but showing only one of the two types on the label? What would be the difference between these two wines in the eyes of the law, but especially in those of the consumer? 

We have already had occasion to mention the issue of the importance of the label as a source of information on the wine we are going to consume, and we have decided that the first step in investigating this important theme should be taken precisely in the field of denominations. We start with the production of a series of videos dedicated to the explanation of their meaning, and further, to all the information they contain and, consequently, that they are able to transmit to us. 

The stages of our journey will be the names included in the commercial offer of Tenute d'Italia, starting from the region that gave birth to our project, Emilia-Romagna, and will offer us a perfect opportunity to present you an even closer view of our company, our philosophy, and above all our products.

All contributions will be available in English (YouTube) and Chinese (YouKu): for more information, we invite you as usual to contact us at Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. or by filling in the appropriate form on our website.

Video-Journey in Discovery of Wine

It’s the official kick-off for the new phase of the Tenute d'Italia communication project dedicated to the dissemination among the general public of international consumers of the main issues related to the world of wine.

The project consists of a veritable journey that will be organised through video contributions in which various topics of interest will be addressed for those who want to improve their wine consumer experience. It will also allow us to familiarise you with our network and all its protagonists.

The launch of this new, exciting journey takes place with our eye on one market in particular. One to which the Tenute d'Italia network has always paid great attention: China.

Thanks to the excellent work of our communication and translation team, the first videos are already available on the YouKu and YouTube platforms - in Chinese and English respectively - and other material will soon be available.

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