Penfolds wine: Aurantium Moscato Terre Siciliane PGI Passito

Penfolds wine is the means that many people use to approach the world of winemaking.
Perfect to end the meal, it usually goes well with a good dessert or a fresh handful of fruit.

The type of grape is essential for penfolds wines, too: the sugar contained within it represents the typical touch of sweet of this kind of wines.

Passito is a cheap penfolds wine produced with “dried” grapes, to be picked later than others, postponing the traditional harvest period.

Passito is also obtained through post-harvest processes, such as ventilation or drying in the sun.

Each penfolds wine has its own perfect match

At the end of the meal, penfolds wine and sweet go hand in hand, as they both leave on the palate enough sweetness to continue the day in style.

Still, it's not that easy to guess the right match.

As a rule, dessert wines should never be less sweet than the dishes they combine with.

Excellent for those who are familiar with both sweet wines and desserts, but what about those who are slightly lacking in one of the two areas?

Simple, just remember that Italian penfolds wines are what you need to celebrate a perfect communion with any type of dessert.

In addition to cantucci and vin santo, the possible combinations are in fact many: biscuits, pies, chocolate sweets lots more.

Giasira’s penfolds wine: perfect for sweet and savory dishes

Here’s what we call a tasty penfolds wine: Giasira’s Aurantium, Moscato Terre Siciliane IGP Passito.

Giasira is a winery located in a corner of Sicily of rare beauty: about 130 hectares between the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa.

Vinified in white, Aurantium ferments in thermo-conditioned steel tanks and ages in small barrels for 5 months. Finally, it is refined in the bottle for a further three months.

Aurantium is a sweet but not cloying wine, thanks to its good acidity and delicate notes of candied orange, dried apricots and dates.

Excellent for both sweet and savory preparations, Aurantium goes perfectly with tarts, apricot and chocolate-based desserts.

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