The green soul of Sangiovese Polidoro

06 October 2021

Sangiovese Polidoro is one of the two noble organic princes at the court of Tenute d'Italia: intense, full-bodied and structured, it represents the simplicity of Sangiovese at its best – a solid armor with a fresh green soul.

The production path of this wine starts from the soil, with a rigorous selection work by expert technical agronomists and oenologists to identify the vineyard’s particles most suitable for the production of quality grapes. Only starting from the processing of a perfect raw material, it is possible to achieve a final result so precious, capable of enchanting and impressing itself in the memory of the taster.

Sangiovese Polidoro ferments in glass-lined concrete tanks at a controlled temperature for up to 30 days, and only at a later time is subjected to malolactic fermentation which brings the wine to maturity.

But why do we ferment wine in concrete tanks?

It is important to know that the material in which the wine is contained has a great influence on it: some materials are inert and unable to transmit flavors to the wine, such as glass-lined concrete. The advantage of this material is his neutrality, which allows not to alter the wine and to preserve its peculiar, olfactory and gustatory notes, in addition to being an excellent thermal insulator.

Sangiovese Polidoro is characterized by a sparkling ruby ​​red color and adorned with a rich fruity bouquet from which the delicious wild strawberry stands out. An essential trait of the personality of this wine is the brilliant freshness on the palate, enriched by a clear tannin capable of supporting its magnificent aromatic persistence.

Sangiovese Polidoro is the enchanting companion of a vast number of dishes, among which fish main courses with Mediterranean aromas, tasty horse tartare and sweet and sour meats stand out.

This splendid organic red embodies the greener soul of Tenute d'Italia: the perfect expression of the encounter between the love for our land and the dedication to our work, Sangiovese Polidoro is a pure, genuine organic wine which we go very proud of.

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