How and Why Learn to Taste a Wine

31 March 2020

In the previous article we introduced the topic of tasting by explaining how an organized approach to our glass can enrich and enhance our experience as wine consumers.

Gathering information and making the connections is in fact the key to learning to understand the language with which wine speaks, gradually revealing within us an ever increasing ability to decode the numerous messages enclosed in every sip.

Acquiring a good tasting technique clearly takes time, and to a certain extent it can even be said that on this topic we never really stop learning! The possibilities offered by the world of wine offer almost infinite possibilities for developing this special learning process, guaranteeing both professionals and wine lovers ever new opportunities to increase their knowledge … and discover new treasures!

But the path of construction and refinement of our qualities as tasters also has other very important characteristics. First of all, we must always remember that there are no suitable or unsuitable wines for tasting: in other words, we should not consider tasting an exercise reserved for expensive vintage wines, but rather a method applicable to any wine regardless of price or provenance.

This brings us to highlight a second, and perhaps even more important, point: every wine offers an opportunity to learn.

The economic aspect influences our training process to the extent that it can either facilitate or prevent our access to certain products, possibly making it a part of the elements that we use to make our overall opinion at the end of a tasting, but we must always keep in mind that it does not define - nor jeopardize - the didactic potential of any wine.

Learning to taste means developing a universal method, applicable to any wine we find in our glass: for this reason, it represents one of the most formidable tools we can equip ourselves with during our journey of discovery in the world of wine.

Do you want to know what the other tools are? Easy! Your five senses, which have to be trained to refine them more and more, but above all great passion and curiosity.

Let’s get started!

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