"Emilia-Romagna da Bere 2020" Award

Below are the results obtained by the wines selected to become part of the prestigious Emilia-Romagna guide for Drinking and Eating 2020, tasted by the sommeliers of the AIS - Italian Sommelier Association. You can find the complete data sheet dedicated to our company in the Cantine Imolesi section of the printed guide, or you can request a copy from our sales office by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Description: Brilliant antique gold. Broad and varied nose, ranging from baked apples with dried flowers to chestnut honey. On the palate the alcohol content dominates and creates an enveloping warmth. Concludes on a nutty return. 

Recommended pairing: cod with raisins and pine nuts

Evaluation: 6/6 Grapes 


Recommended pairing: wild boar in chocolate sauce

Evaluation: 5/6 Grapes


Recommended pairing: grilled kidneys

Evaluation: 5/6 Grapes

AWC Vienna 2020

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The prestigious competition, the AWC Vienna - International Wine Challenge 2020, saw the participation of a large selection of wines from the Tenute d’Italia catalogue. In fact, eight labels were entered, each of which achieved an excellent evaluation by the jury.

The Tenute d’Italia trophy shelf is therefore enriched with new, important medals, testifying to the valuable continuity shown by our team of oenologists in the search for high quality standards. Below is the table of the results obtained by our wines at the AWC Vienna - International Wine Challenge 2020.

The labels are divided by brand; by clicking on each wine one can access the technical sheet on the official website


Romagna D.O.C. Sangiovese Superiore Riserva 2015 “Sereso”:Gold

Rosso Rubicone I.G.P. 2016 "Larone": Gold


Sangiovese Rubicone I.G.P. 2018 “Il Sapiente”: Gold

Sangiovese Rubicone I.G.P. 2018 “Caveja”: Silver

Chardonnay Trebbiano Rubicone I.G.P. 2019 “Il Fascinoso”: Silver

China: Ad Hoc tools for a prestigious interlocutor

The communication plan designed to increase and improve the visibility of our commercial profile is enriched with new tools. The social activity of Tenute d’Italia has in fact broadened its horizons to include among its recipients one of the most interesting markets in the world: China.

The official profiles of Tenute d’Italia are already available on we WeChat and YouKu, and our team is working to explore further developments on other platforms.

Alongside this important activity, thanks to the technical and linguistic support of our team specialised in this specific market, we have recently been able to add the organisation of online events with our business partners and their customers to carry out authentic group tastings.

These first experiences which, to our delight, have met with great success among all the participants, will certainly be the object of further study to offer our customers a service evermore perfectly suited to their specific needs... so that we really do feel closer!

E-Commerce: Tenute d'Italia on Wine Jump

2020 is proving more and more to be a year of great initiatives for Tenute d'Italia: after starting the blog and the multimedia projects already available on our YouTube and YouKu channels, our network is happy to announce the inauguration of a new, important online commercial channel in collaboration with the Wine Jump website.

Innovative reality in the panorama of European wine e-commerce, Wine Jump is a platform that promotes the short chain, ensuring direct contact between producers and consumers.

This philosophy, perfectly summarized in the company motto "From cellar door to front door", translates into a portal where you can get to know the companies participating in the project and view the products, all currently available in 7 European countries, including Denmark, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Italy.

For more information and to discover the selection of our wines available on Wine Jump visit our company page by clicking here

How is the 2023 grape harvest going?

2023 is a very troubled year from many points of view, and no less so from an environmental point of view. We have seen how much the climate has changed and is still changing. We experienced various adversities from the very beginning with late frosts, then droughts during the winter, in May there were heavy floods and heavy rains throughout Italy. Then in the summer months we suffered severe drought and simultaneous hailstorms and typhoons. In short, our vineyards were put to the test.

Two examples of what the producers are experiencing show their concern: 

 "In May and June there was weather instability with heavy rain alternating with sunny days. This required extreme promptness of action especially on our organically certified farm..... We lost part of our production'. (Tommaso Cortonesi - Soc Agr. La Mannella)

"Despite the rainiest May ever, the consequent fight against downy mildew, and the 48 degrees in July that blocked ripening and/or burnt the bunches, those who cultivated well ended up with healthy grapes, but with less quantity, especially in the coastal and high hill areas, where the heat had less of an effect" (Carlo Montalto - Baglio Curatolo Arini, Marsala).

From this we can understand at least two things

  •  decrease in quantity. The lowest point is found in Abruzzo with -70% of product.
  • The quality is very variable depending on the agronomic care that each winery will have put in place.


Conclusions? Never as much as this year will we see the difference between those who work well and those who do not. Why do we say this? Because although climate change affects each year in a different and sometimes more negative way, production techniques must be adapted from the outset, otherwise we risk losing everything not only for the current year but also for the following one. This is why we at Tenute d'Italia are in constant liaison with our technicians and those of our partners to ensure a high standard of quality for our customers again this year. As one of them says, and which well represents everyone's thinking: 'It is too early to draw conclusions, but as always we give and will give our best to achieve the best possible result'. (Tommaso Cortonesi).


Luca Maroni: Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines 2021

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Tenute d’Italia renews its participation again this year in the Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines (edited by Luca Maroni), a leading publication on the Italian wine scene that has already given significant reviews about our company in past editions.

All the results and the concluding comments published in the 2019 and 2020 editions are available in Italian on the official website of the yearbook: for the versions translated into English or Chinese, please contact our sales office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Below is a summary of the results assigned to the wines selected to represent our company in the 2021 edition of the Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines. The products are distinguished by the brand they belong to: by clicking on the name of the wine you can access its full product details on our site


Romagna Albana D.O.C.G. Secco 2017 “Sintria”: 86 points


Romagna D.O.C. Sangiovese Superior Organic 2018 “Ilione”: 88 points


Sangiovese Rubicone I.G.P. 2018 “Sapiente”: 94 points

Sangiovese Rubicone I.G.P. “Caveja”: 93 points

Chardonnay Trebbiano Rubicone I.G.P. 2019 “Il Fascinoso”: 92 points

Sangiovese Rubicone I.G.P. 2018 “Egregio”: 91 points


Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon Rubicone I.G.P. 2018 “Possente”: 91 points

Pinot Grigio Rubicone I.G.P. 2019 "Mirabile": 92 points

New Members for the Tenute d'Italia Network

We are pleased to announce the entry of new companies into the Tenute d'Italia network: in recent months the team led by our sales office has focused on the important network expansion project to include some new, important Italian territories - and their great wines - to satisfy our customers' needs even more fully.

Our attention has turned specifically to Tuscany, in particular to the denominations Chianti D.O.C.G., Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. and Brunello di Montalcino D.O.C.G., involving three companies:


You will already find a short presentation and links to the official websites of the companies on our site in the “Partnerships” section, where you can also discover all the other producers that make up the Tenute D’Italia network.

Not Only Native Vines

In the article dedicated to our membership in the White Wines Club of Romagna we mentioned the white wines in our catalogue produced with indigenous (white) vines of our region, namely Albana and Pignoletto.
However, the production of white wines in Tenute d’Italia is not limited to these, but also includes other wines produced with so-called international varieties but which are part of the Romagna wine tradition almost as much as the properly indigenous varieties.

We are speaking in particular of Chardonnay, which in "Il Fascinoso" finds a truly territorial declination in combination with Trebbiano, Pinot Grigio, which makes up 100% of the brand new product of the Conte Zardi line "Il Mirabile", and Manzoni Bianco, used for the production of "Cheilante", a wine that due to its special characteristics is gathering more and more public success both in Italy and on the international scene.

For more information visit our website or contact our sales office!

Tenute d'Italia is Now on YouTube

This blog is not the only new feature conceived in Tenute d’Italia’s new communication plan.

The desire to share our great passion for wine has prompted us to pursue other forms of communication that can involve the public and make them truly part of our work.

Besides the official profiles of Tenute d’Italia on Facebook e Instragram, from today there is a new YouTube channel, entitled Tenute d’Italia.

Alongside the presentation video of our company and it’s philosophy, here you will be able to find important contributions about the in-depth studies dealt with in our blog, mini-documentaries that closely illustrate our work and its central characters, ending with real video guides for the discovery of wines in our catalogue.

Buona visione! Happy viewing!

Veneto & Sicily: the Tenute d’Italia network broadens its horizons

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  • images/TDI_NEWS/CLARA_C.jpg

We are happy and honoured to announce the entry into the Tenute d’Italia network some new companies whose range of products is enriched with wines that are the expression of two territories that are symbolic of Italian viticulture: Sicily and Veneto.

From the largest of the Italian islands - one that has always held a deep fascination for Tenute d'Italia, even inspiring them to dedicate the Stella del Sud line to it - come two of the three new companies in our network: Giasira, an organic company that extends for about 130 hectares between Noto and Modica, and Produttori Etna Nord, a network that involves three production companies that spring from the northern side of the imposing Sicilian volcano.

Deeply bound to their respective territories, these companies base their work on the enhancement of their traditions beginning with its main protagonists: the native vines. In fact, among the vineyards of Giasira triumph the Nero d'Avola, the Moscato Bianco, the Grillo, the Catarratto and, last but not least, the Nerello Mascalese, to which the Etna Nord Producers also assign a leading role in their offer, together with the Carricante.

In addition to this extraordinary primary material, a no less important factor that contributes to making the wines of Produttori Etna Nord and Giasira unique is the terroir: from the volcanic soils - ancient, deep and rich in organic substance - to the calcareous soils of Cava Paradiso, it is in fact the very land itself that nourishes and permeates all these wines, making the purest soul of the island resound in the glass.

Let's travel north now, to Veneto, in Valdobbiadene, to get to know Clara C', a company that is fully justified in claiming a leading role both in the history and in the present (and future) of Prosecco.

Clara Carpené, founder of the company, is in fact the "figlia d'arte" (daughter inheriting her father's artistry) of Antonio Carpenè Jr (1913 - 2010), the wine entrepreneur who helped create the industry and the world of Prosecco as we know them today.

Since 2004, the year in which the company that bears her name was founded, Clara Carpené has been able to combine the best of tradition with an innovative and totally feminine vision of the sparkling wine market, working side by side with the best producers in the area to obtain only the best quality.

A brief presentation of each company and the link to their respective official sites are already present on the corporate website of Tenute d’Italia in the "Partnerships" section. For more information, as usual, please contact our sales department by filling out the form on the website or by writing directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome to Tenute d'Italia Blog

We’re delighted to give you a warm welcome to the Tenute d’Italia blog, the new project dedicated to the discussion of the principal topics related to the great world of wine, conceived with the idea of encouraging an increasingly conscious approach to one of the most intriguing and complex products that make up our daily lives.

From the reading of the label to the various methods of tasting, passing through the actual techniques of production, our objective is to compose a story that can promote a greater understanding of the world of wine, offering information and useful tips to navigate our way more comfortably through an increasingly changing market.

We invite each reader, then, to view this blog as a toolbox in which one may find some valid tools for refining their understanding, to stimulate new interests, but above all to evaluate one’s own experience as a consumer.

So, lets lift our glasses and toast the start of this new and exciting adventure!


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