Sintria: a Romagna treasure

11 August 2021

Romagna is a land of wines, where taste and tradition come together to create excellent products, capable of stimulating the senses of even the less prepared consumers. Among our wines, there are perfect ones to accompany moments of lightheartedness, as well as some that need to be savored slowly, with respect and attention. But in the end, those wines that are simply incomparable stand out, starting from their romantic history up to the flavor that characterizes them: Sintria Albana DOCG is certainly one of these!

Sintria is a real treasure of the Romagna wine tradition: its fruity aromas complete an intense and full-bodied taste, perfectly balanced by the right dosage of acidity and flavor.

From a sensorial point of view, Sintria’s passage in wood means that the aromas and scents of this wine are perceived more easily, leaving an exhilarating bouquet of flavors on the palate of those who taste it.

In addition to the breathtaking aromas and taste, Sintria Albana DOCG is visually inviting, immediately communicating the regality that distinguishes it: its brilliant golden reflections place it directly in the Olympus of Romagna wines, fully satisfying every ambitious expectation.

What’s the matter? Afraid of pairing such a good wine with a dish that is not up to it?

Don’t worry, as Sintria Albana DOCG is so recognizable it does not take great efforts to understand which coursess are best suited to it. In fact, like all dry Albana D.O.C.G., our unpredictable Sintria is excellent for fish-based preparations, risottos of any type and aged cheese.

Let’s all raise our glasses and have a toast to Sintria: a perfect agglomeration of quality, culture and respect for our tradition!


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