Trends and Innovations in the Wine Sector 2024: The Tenute d'Italia Approach

12 January 2024
Tenute News

To welcome this 2024, we would like to talk about what the trends will be.

This year, artificial intelligence and environmental sustainability emerge as key pillars in the wine sector. The adoption of advanced technologies is not seen as an obstacle, but as an opportunity to blend tradition and innovation, which is essential for the growth of the sector.
Climate change has had a direct impact on harvest quality, pushing the wine industry towards innovative solutions. Here, artificial intelligence plays a crucial role, optimising vineyard management and wine fermentation, and ensuring more informed decisions.
Another significant trend in 2024 in the food sector concerns wines with low alcohol content and rich in antioxidants. This trend underlines the increased consumer focus on healthy lifestyles, and highlights the importance of wines with lower alcohol content.
Tenute d'Italia embraces these developments, offering a range of wines that not only please the palate but also reflect a commitment to sustainable practices. We invite you to explore our selection of wines and discover how we are working towards a more sustainable future in the world of wine.
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Join us in this exciting evolution in the world of wine and discover how Tenute d'Italia is shaping the future of the wine industry with a perfect balance of innovation, tradition and sustainability."


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