Veneto & Sicily: the Tenute d’Italia network broadens its horizons

26 April 2021
Tenute News

We are happy and honoured to announce the entry into the Tenute d’Italia network some new companies whose range of products is enriched with wines that are the expression of two territories that are symbolic of Italian viticulture: Sicily and Veneto.

From the largest of the Italian islands - one that has always held a deep fascination for Tenute d'Italia, even inspiring them to dedicate the Stella del Sud line to it - come two of the three new companies in our network: Giasira, an organic company that extends for about 130 hectares between Noto and Modica, and Produttori Etna Nord, a network that involves three production companies that spring from the northern side of the imposing Sicilian volcano.

Deeply bound to their respective territories, these companies base their work on the enhancement of their traditions beginning with its main protagonists: the native vines.  In fact, among the vineyards of Giasira triumph the Nero d'Avola, the Moscato Bianco, the Grillo, the Catarratto and, last but not least, the Nerello Mascalese, to which the Etna Nord Producers also assign a leading role in their offer, together with the Carricante.

In addition to this extraordinary primary material, a no less important factor that contributes to making the wines of Produttori Etna Nord and Giasira unique is the terroir: from the volcanic soils - ancient, deep and rich in organic substance - to the calcareous soils of Cava Paradiso, it is in fact the very land itself that nourishes and permeates all these wines, making the purest soul of the island resound in the glass.

Let's travel north now, to Veneto, in Valdobbiadene, to get to know Clara C', a company that is fully justified in claiming a leading role both in the history and in the present (and future) of Prosecco.

Clara Carpené, founder of the company, is in fact the "figlia d'arte" (daughter inheriting her father's artistry) of Antonio Carpenè Jr (1913 - 2010), the wine entrepreneur who helped create the industry and the world of Prosecco as we know them today.

Since 2004, the year in which the company that bears her name was founded, Clara Carpené has been able to combine the best of tradition with an innovative and totally feminine vision of the sparkling wine market, working side by side with the best producers in the area to obtain only the best quality.

A brief presentation of each company and the link to their respective official sites are already present on the corporate website of Tenute d’Italia in the "Partnerships" section. For more information, as usual, please contact our sales department by filling out the form on the website or by writing directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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