(Our) Red Vinification: Fermentation

10 December 2020

In the article in which we illustrated the white and red wine-making techniques we also mentioned temperature as an element that can affect the maceration process. Would you confirm that?

Yes, I would definitely confirm that. Temperature control is generally one of the most effective methods through which it is possible to literally steer the different stages of production and keep them monitored without having to resort to invasive interventions. At Tenute d’Italia, however, we do not use different temperature modulations to regulate the maceration process, but we focus on maintaining the perfect conditions for carrying out alcoholic fermentation.

How is the temperature of the fermenting must controlled?

All the tanks we use for fermentation are equipped with a system through which it is possible to regulate the temperature from inside, which during the fermentation phase is strictly kept between 20°C and 22°C. This is another difference with respect to our white vinification which, if we remember, involves much lower temperatures (10°C-15°C) which renderthat long and delicate process necessary for the acclimatisation of the yeasts.

Since the red musts are at a temperature which is higher and perfectly suited for the survival of the yeasts, they can therefore simply be hydrated and inoculated directly.

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