The Evolution of a Wine - Part 2

02 August 2021

In the first part of this chapter, we introduced the theme of the evolution of wine, which is one of the points being evaluated at the end of our tasting, as part of the so-called final judgement.

We talked about the life of the wine - which can be represented as an actual curve, of variable span depending on the type, characterised by a first phase of increase, rising to an apex, and then gradually tailing off - and we left ourselves with an important question pending: what is the purpose of making a judgement on the evolutionary state of wine?

Stating our opinion regarding which phase of its life the wine we are tasting is going through, or ideally, indicating where it is on the curve, is the first, fundamental step we must take in organising the data obtained during the tasting.

Our judgement will then be able to move us in either of two directions, taking on as many connotations depending on the context in which the tasting takes place:

1. From the general to the specific, or when we know both the type of wine being tasted and the time it has spent in the bottle. This awareness suggests what characteristics we can expect to detect during the tasting, which therefore becomes a sort of search for confirmation of our expectations. Our general judgement will take on a positive evaluation when the wine presents characteristics consistent with its evolutionary state.

2. From the specific to the general, or if we do not have sufficient information on the wine to formulate any prior hypothesis. In this case, the data collected during the tasting will provide us with clues to elaborate our opinion on the state of evolution of the wine. If the age is not later revealed, in this second case it is more difficult to give an evaluation - positive or negative - of our judgement; the focus of the analysis will rather be shifted to identifying any further potential for product evolution.

It is ever more evident that experience plays a fundamental role here too: the more we perfect our knowledge of wine in all its nuances, the more we  will be able to deal with both cases with ever greater dexterity.

Although we can draw general patterns or set some general reference points, it is still absolutely impossible for us to impose general rules that would be always and forever valid.

Each blend, each territory, each producer, each vintage possesses inimitable qualities, essential ingredients to make each wine unique and unrepeatable.

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