Wine conquers China: the first importer in the world

23 August 2021

2020 was a difficult year for everyone, especially for businesses and companies that, in the space of a few months, saw their work stop and their assets collapsing dramatically.

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a strain on our peninsula and the rest of the world, putting somehow at risk even the wine market, a great source of income and a fundamental element for our tradition.

According to Mediobanca, in collaboration with Sace and Ipsos, in 2020 the main Italian wine producers ended the year with a decrease in turnover of 4.1%, especially for as regards the internal market.

As often happens, however, after every great fall there is a great recovery: in 2021, with the pandemic not completely defeated, the wine market is finally restarting, mostly thanks to exports, with a growth of + 3.5%.

In the two-year period 2021-2022, an increase in wine consumption of 3.8% per year is expected for many of the main markets but it is China that really surprises, with an expected consumption of

+ 6.3%.

In fact, China seems to be willing to be conquered by the world of the wine growing and making market, savoring its flavors and appreciating its aromas.

Traditionally, the Chinese population prefers red wine (80% of the market), considered a valid alternative to spirits and a more sophisticated choice than beer.

Beijing is currently the largest importer of red wine and the sixth world wine consumer: the ever-evolving consumption habits of Chinese people continuously influence the world wine market as a whole, which is growing at exponential levels.

In addition to the growing demand for wine imports, China is significantly increasing the national production of wine, so much so that this country is currently the world leader for the production of grapes.

Today, there are ten different wine-growing areas in China, located mainly in the northern areas of the country: the aim is that to exploit in a balanced way the different climatic conditions and the nature of the territory.

Chinese people are increasingly interested in deepening their knowledge of wine, as evidenced by the exponential growth of specialized wine shops, where courses and tastings of all kinds are organized.

Today, the Chinese wine market is growing more and more but the love that the great Dragon has towards Italian wine does not diminish: the uniqueness and quality of our wines remain a source of inspiration for China, which continues to show us, constantly, great affection.

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