China: Ad Hoc tools for a prestigious interlocutor

The communication plan designed to increase and improve the visibility of our commercial profile is enriched with new tools. The social activity of Tenute d’Italia has in fact broadened its horizons to include among its recipients one of the most interesting markets in the world: China.

The official profiles of Tenute d’Italia are already available on we WeChat and YouKu, and our team is working to explore further developments on other platforms.

Alongside this important activity, thanks to the technical and linguistic support of our team specialised in this specific market, we have recently been able to add the organisation of online events with our business partners and their customers to carry out authentic group tastings.

These first experiences which, to our delight, have met with great success among all the participants, will certainly be the object of further study to offer our customers a service evermore perfectly suited to their specific needs... so that we really do feel closer!

Harvest 2020... Here We Go!


The grape harvesting operations  have officially started in our vineyards!

As expected, the first varieties to be harvested are Pignoletto and Albana, the most famous indigenous Romagna withe grapes that will give us extraordinarily fresh and fragrant wines.

In the coming weeks, all the other white and red varieties, whose ripening process is carefully monitored by our technicians, will follow.

We invite you to follow us on our blog and on our social channels to experience with us this special moment of the year!


New events for Tenute d'Italia in China

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After the great success achieved at the "The Authentic Italian Table" event in Guangzhou, the commercial staff of Tenute d’Italia is preparing for the next events that will see our brand protagonist in new, important events in China.

Thanks to the collaboration with Nicola Donzelli, agent of Tenute d’Italia present in China, our network will in facthave the opportunity to guarantee its interlocutors a direct on-site presence so they can get to know, first hand, all about us and our products.

Two important events in the Tenute d’Italia diary have already been confirmed: the first, from 13 to 15 October, will see us present in Jinhan, and later, from 9 to 11 November, the spotlight will move to Shenzhen for ‘Wine to Asia, the event organized by VeronaFiere - Vinitaly which includes three days of tastings and meetings with the principal Asian buyers.

In both events, Tenute d’Italia will be present alongside its own importer Star Dragon.

Here are some shots of "The Authentic Italian Table" event held in Guangzhou on September 18th

New Members for the Tenute d'Italia Network

We are pleased to announce the entry of new companies into the Tenute d'Italia network: in recent months the team led by our sales office has focused on the important network expansion project to include some new, important Italian territories - and their great wines - to satisfy our customers' needs even more fully.

Our attention has turned specifically to Tuscany, in particular to the denominations Chianti D.O.C.G., Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. and Brunello di Montalcino D.O.C.G., involving three companies:


You will already find a short presentation and links to the official websites of the companies on our site in the “Partnerships” section, where you can also discover all the other producers that make up the Tenute D’Italia network.

Not Only Native Vines

In the article dedicated to our membership in the White Wines Club of Romagna we mentioned the white wines in our catalogue produced with indigenous (white) vines of our region, namely Albana and Pignoletto.
However, the production of white wines in Tenute d’Italia is not limited to these, but also includes other wines produced with so-called international varieties but which are part of the Romagna wine tradition almost as much as the properly indigenous varieties.

We are speaking in particular of Chardonnay, which in "Il Fascinoso" finds a truly territorial declination in combination with Trebbiano, Pinot Grigio, which makes up 100% of the brand new product of the Conte Zardi line "Il Mirabile", and Manzoni Bianco, used for the production of "Cheilante", a wine that due to its special characteristics is gathering more and more public success both in Italy and on the international scene.

For more information visit our website www.tenuteditalia.com or contact our sales office!

Postcards from Europe

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Over the last few days on our social networks we have had the pleasure of publishing a number of images that recount the recent journey made by our sales manager, Luca Garelli, across Europe to visit some of our most loyal customers.

One of the fundamental values on which Tenute d'Italia is based is in fact the care of the human relationships, even ahead of the commercial ones, which bind us to our customers. For this reason we considered it essential, as soon as possible, to finally make a reality of a closeness that over the last few months has only been possible virtually.

During this journey, which literally led us right across Europe, we had the pleasure of presenting in person the numerous projects launched in recent months and the new collaborations that have come to enrich Tenute d'Italia's commercial offer, toasting to a future that we hope can bring back to everyone the joy of normality.

In the photo: Luca Garelli together with Carlo Naldi (Edelberg / Naldi Swiss) and Theo Snijder (Wine4All.nl) at the Marque Restaurant and Brasserie de Houten Klaas.

Tenute d'Italia at the "Pop-Up Watch Show" in Geneva

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Tenute d’Italia would like to thank Swiss Creative Lab, and in particular its founder Mr.Carlo Enea Naldi for his involvement in the prestigious Pop-Up Art Watch Show held in Geneva from 24 to 29 August 2020.

St'Art Gallery offered the perfect setting for this unique event, during which some of the most prestigious luxury watchmaking brands were displayed alongside genuine masterpieces of contemporary art.

Tenute d’Italia had the honour of attending this exclusive event as an official partner of the organization, offering a special selection of their products for tasting, carefully chosen by the sales manager Luca Garelli in collaboration with Mr. Naldi.

In the keen hope that the visitors to the Pop-Up Art Watch Show appreciated and enjoyed this unprecedented occasion combining wine and art, we offer you some snapshots taken during the event and we invite you to follow us so as not to miss future collaborations that will certainly put Tenute d'Italia alongside Swiss Creative Lab.

Tenute d'Italia is DEMETER Certified

The process started in the summer by Tenute d’Italia Società Agricola to obtain Demeter certification for its cellar has reached its conclusion.

Demeter is a private association of producers, processors and distributors of biodynamic agricultural and food products recognized in 43 states - managed by their respective national offices but coordinated by the Demeter International headquarters in Darmstadt (Germany).

To obtain Demeter certification, each producer must undergo a scrupulous inspection process that verifies compliance with the rules and methods envisaged for plant production (use of compost and preparations, prohibition of genetically modified materials, etc.) but also general guidelines for the processing of each specific product category.

With the attainment of the certification for the production plant in Linaro, the Demeter certified supply chain is perfected within our network, already inaugurated by Carlo Morini's "Polenghe" Organic Farm and now completed by Tenute d'Italia Società Agricola .

Alongside the projects focused on organic production that have already been launched - first of all the project for the gradual green conversion of the entire Canale dei Molini line - it will now be possible for Tenute d'Italia to further enrich the value of its offer to meet even more specific needs of every single market sector… but not only!

We consider every certification system - and consequently of control - imposed on our network to be an important addition to the value we offer to our customers, testifying to the commitment that every member of the Tenute d'Italia network shows on a daily basis in order to guarantee high quality standards at every stage of the production, transformation and distribution process.

For further information on Demeter certification, we invite you to visit the association's official website, while to learn more about our commitment to a sustainable and nature-friendly production system, we invite you to download our catalogue or contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank You Guys!

While the last of the operations of perfecting the 2020 vintage are still underway in the Tenute d’Italia winery in Linaro (Imola), we announce the official closure of the harvesting activities in our vineyards.

Tenute d’Italia wants to extend a big thank you to all the members of its team who for almost two months have been involved in the harvesting operations, carefully selecting the grapes that - we hope - will give us one of the best vintages of our production history.

Thanks guys for your work and your commitment, essential elements for building the present and the future of our company!


The New Tenute d'Italia Catalogue Available for Download

The new Tenute d'Italia catalogue is available for download on our official website. A new graphic design, designed in collaboration with Cristiano Capelli - Idee, Immagini e Parole , to present our network, our work, and of course our great passion for wine to the world.

The catalogue is available in Italian, English and Chinese and can be requested directly from the home page, by entering your data: just a few seconds and you can download the catalogue directly to your device in PDF format.

May we remind you that the presentation brochures of our individual brands are also available on www.tenuteditalia.com, all containing a brief presentation of the philosophy behind each project and the technical data sheets of all the wines.

For further information, please contact our sales office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by filling in the appropriate form in the contact section of our website.

Video-Journey in Discovery of Wine

It’s the official kick-off for the new phase of the Tenute d'Italia communication project dedicated to the dissemination among the general public of international consumers of the main issues related to the world of wine.

The project consists of a veritable journey that will be organised through video contributions in which various topics of interest will be addressed for those who want to improve their wine consumer experience. It will also allow us to familiarise you with our network and all its protagonists.

The launch of this new, exciting journey takes place with our eye on one market in particular. One to which the Tenute d'Italia network has always paid great attention: China.

Thanks to the excellent work of our communication and translation team, the first videos are already available on the YouKu and YouTube platforms - in Chinese and English respectively - and other material will soon be available.


We will tell you about...our Harvest!

There is only a little more than a month to go before the harvest begins, and to pay homage to this truly magical moment, around which all our work literally revolves, we are working on a very special project, created together with our technicians to bring you (virtually) into our cellars to observe first-hand how the wine is produced.

Better: we’re going to tell you all about the work that we do, or rather the particular techniques and processes that are carried out specifically by our staff for the production of wines from the Tenute d'Italia catalogue.

Our story will be articulated by revealing each phase of the two main winemaking techniques, the white and the redvinifications, through the direct testimony of our technicians.

You can start making your contributions right now to enrich our interviews by sending us your questions and telling us your curiosities through our social channels or by email.

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