Tenute d'Italia is DEMETER Certified

13 October 2020
Tenute News

The process started in the summer by Tenute d’Italia Società Agricola to obtain Demeter certification for its cellar has reached its conclusion.

Demeter is a private association of producers, processors and distributors of biodynamic agricultural and food products recognized in 43 states - managed by their respective national offices but coordinated by the Demeter International headquarters in Darmstadt (Germany).

To obtain Demeter certification, each producer must undergo a scrupulous inspection process that verifies compliance with the rules and methods envisaged for plant production (use of compost and preparations, prohibition of genetically modified materials, etc.) but also general guidelines for the processing of each specific product category.

With the attainment of the certification for the production plant in Linaro, the Demeter certified supply chain is  perfected within our network, already inaugurated by Carlo Morini's "Polenghe" Organic Farm and now completed by Tenute d'Italia Società Agricola .

Alongside the projects focused on organic production that have already been launched - first of all the project for the gradual green conversion of the entire Canale dei Molini line - it will now be possible for Tenute d'Italia to further enrich the value of its offer to meet even more specific needs of every single market sector… but not only!

We consider every certification system - and consequently of control - imposed on our network to be an important addition to the value we offer to our customers, testifying to the commitment that every member of the Tenute d'Italia network shows on a daily basis in order to guarantee high quality standards at every stage of the production, transformation and distribution process.

For further information on Demeter certification, we invite you to visit the association's official website, while to learn more about our commitment to a sustainable and nature-friendly production system, we invite you to download our catalogue or contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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