Land and passion present: Albana Ribalda

10 November 2021

Ribalda was born under the banner of respect for an extraordinary raw material and represents a hymn to Albana in its most authentic essence.

A clean, essential and fresh wine, it evokes inviting fruity and floral sensations, combined with a splendid herbaceous note.

Its careful and precise production process starts from the earth, with a rigorous selection work by expert technical agronomists and oenologists: only starting from the processing of a perfect raw material it is possible to aim at such a precious final result.

Albana Ribalda is one of the noble biological princes at the Tenute d’Italia’s court: its brilliant golden reflections, clear scent and full-bodied taste complete a regal and delicate sensory frame.

Distinguished by an unmistakable aroma of white flowers, fruit and aromatic herbs, it creates a perfect communion with a full and lively flavor, characterized by a very good and balanced acidity.

Albana Ribalda vinifies in concrete tanks at a controlled temperature of 14 ° for 20 days and only afterwards is subjected to a long aging of 10 months, which brings the wine to maturity.

Tenute d'Italia holds organic wines like Albana Ribalda and Sangiovese Polidoro particularly dear: derived from a cultivation method with very specific rules, both of them are the product of a respectful consideration of the grape variety of origin.

What distinguishes our organic wines is the precious relationship between land, plant and climate: land and passion come together in the products we offer, together with high expectations, constant work and lots of love.

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