Tenute d’Italia: a network that is growing and looking ahead

17 May 2021
Tenute News

Rich and extraordinarily varied, the Italian wine scene is certainly one of the most exciting horizons for any wine lover. Each region is a veritable treasure chest full of gems, in which the most ancient production traditions are intertwined with the intense passion of the producers, who are committed daily to honouring and projecting their heritage into the future.

On the theme of promoting the Italian wine heritage on the great international stage, Tenute d'Italia has for many years been proudly placed in the front row: in addition to contributing directly to the promotion of wines and the food and wine culture of Romagna, the company has progressively developed an increasingly rich national network of partners to enhance its offer.

This constant work of research and comparison has led us to discover and get to know the absolutely extraordinary companies that today we are honoured to be able to include in our network of partnerships. It is a network founded on the sharing of ideas and values, dynamic, strongly oriented to the development of commercial strategies able to fully enhance each bottle not only as a product: a genuine fruit of a tradition and of the passionate work that draws inspiration from it.

Below is the updated list of companies that make up the Tenute d’Italia sales network: the same list, complete with company presentation and link to the official website, is available on our corporate website in the "Partnerships" section.

For more information on the producers and wines that make up our offer, please contact our sales department by filling out the form on the website or by writing directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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