Oak wine barrels: here’s where we store our wines

21 February 2022
oak wine barrels

Last week has been absolutely maqnifique.

Yes, because in addition to the successful participation in the Parisian Winexpo, we also visited our Bourdeaux suppliers.

The oak wine barrels in which we store our wine come in fact from the wonderful Nadalié tonnelerie, a historic family business to which we proudly rely. Born in 1902 from the unbridled passion of the Nadalié family for great artisan traditions, the tonnelerie bordelais today represents international excellence.

After more than a century, Nadalié maintains a solid family spirit, which today involves 270 employees, at the service of the greatest wines in the world.

Oak wine barrels: the fundamental elements

The processing of oak wine barrels is a fascinating and meticulous art.

Essential for the aging of wine - especially the red one - the barriques are in fact responsible for its refinement. During storage in cask, the wine is influenced by the aromatic substances of the wood, which determine its taste and aroma.

Making a perfect french oak wine barrel is a difficult task, which requires skill and attention.

First of all it is necessary to identify the right wood, so as to start working with the right material.

oak wine barrels (Nadalié)

The processing of the barrels 

Splitting, seasoning and toasting are the key processes in the construction of oak wine barrels.

The split is the perfect cut for making barriques. In fact, following the natural grain of the material, it manages not to interrupt the medullary rays of the wood. Once cut, the staves of the oak barrels naturally mature outdoors for a period of time ranging from 2 to 4 years.

The continuous exposure of the barrels to both rain and sun is fundamental for the barriques. In fact, the rain causes the tannins responsible for the bitter taste of the wine to be dispersed.

The sun - on the other hand - favors the oxidation of wine, thanks to its UV rays.

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