[Our] Red Vinification: The Grapes - part 1

13 November 2020

We are back in the company of production manager Ivan Lentini to continue our journey to discover the main winemaking techniques used at the Tenute d’Italia winery. After having discovered the main steps that make up the so-called white vinification procedure, here we are again, ready to review the red vinification procedure.

Hi Ivan! Nice to see you again. Let's begin our story starting, as usual, from the raw material, that is, from the grapes. What are the varieties grown in your vineyards, that is, those processed in your cellars?

Hi everyone. First of all I want to say that it is a pleasure to continue this interview: I hope that the readers have enjoyed the first part of our journey, and that they have been able to discover some interesting details about winemaking. In fact, I believe that this topic is really important for a full appreciation of the finished wine, and thus enriching one's experience as a consumer. On this premise, we come to our new topic: in the vineyards of Tenute d’Italia, red grapes undoubtedly represent the greater percentage of our crop, and we have several varieties.

The first we should mention is certainly Sangiovese: this is in fact the most typical grape variety of our territory, and one which, like most of the Romagna producers, we are particularly fond of!

Alongside Sangiovese there are also some international vines, which can also boast a great tradition in Romagna: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Barbera.

To complete the review we must add Malbo Gentile and Ancellotta: these are also two native varieties, therefore typical of our areas, which due to their characteristics are mainly used as blending grapes: this means that they are not used to produce wines in purity (that is, produced 100% with these varieties) but rather, they contribute to the production of others. This happens through the assemblage carried out either at the actual start of the winemaking process, adding these grapes to those of other varieties - this mainly happens with the Ancellotta - or by producing a wine that will later be used to cut other batches - as is the case with Malbo Gentile.


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