Wine of the month: LARONE – Rosso Rubicone IGP

01 December 2022

This month we would like to introduce to you one of our wines that is finding great success on the national and international scene.

Il Larone, Rosso Rubicone IGP of Tenute del Principe, is born of the desire to pay homage to the Romagnola enological tradition, ennobling and developing it by the use of new wine making techniques.

In fact, this wine comes from an unprecedented blend in which Sangiovese (50%) is enhanced by combination with two impetuous native vines (Malbo Gentile 25%, Centesimino 15%) and the spicy touch of Syrah (10%).

The grapes are over-ripened in the field leaving them on the plant for 30-40 days beyond the normal harvesting date.

This partial drying only enhances the individual characteristics of each vine, giving more intense and evolved aromas.

gruppo 3 bottiglie

The fermentation of this wine, first in maceration on the skins at a controlled temperature of around 22 degrees for a period of around 20 days and subsequently subjected to malolactic fermentation, allows this wine to develop a rich aroma, redolent with ripe woodland fruits, blackberry jam and notes of tobacco and leather. On the palate it is broad, soft and persistent, with a finish of brandied fruits.

Even the refinement process has been carefully studied by our oenologists to allow an unprecedented and indistinguishable result. In fact, wooden barrels of different volumes are used, the essences are both American and French oak with rather particular toasting.

It is a wine that lends itself to pairing with red meats, game and mature cheeses, but it is also a contemplative wine to be enjoyed with friends and relatives on special occasions.

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