Tenute d'Italia, grape harvest 2021: let's start again from us

29 September 2021

Another harvest has arrived, just like the joy of sharing it with all of you.

To be honest, we must admit that this has been a particularly difficult year: the spring frosts, the late cold and an extremely dry summer were tough traveling companions, as well as difficult ones to get rid of. Despite these difficulties – quite ordinary, for those who are looking for nature’s collaboration -  the Tenute d'Italia team has managed to do its job at its best. Thanks to the care of our agronomists and our collaborators in the countryside, in fact, once again this year the grapes are at the top of quality.

But how do we know? How do we realize that our grapes are ready to be harvested?

The moment preceding the harvest is fundamental for the birth of excellent wines and is full of meticulous procedures, capable of confirming the quality of our grapes. In fact, a series of surveys and samplings helps us to determine the ripening curve and the exact moment to harvest the specific grape: only in this way can we get to know our wines in depth and manage to offer you properly cared for products.

Here at Tenute d'Italia, the work is completely and strictly manual: from the first light of dawn, in fact, we proceed with the harvest of our grapes, with commitment and energy. It is true that mechanized harvesting allows operations to be carried out faster, limiting the risk of delays in the event of sudden bad weather, but in our opinion, manual harvesting is by far the preferable choice.

Thanks to the experience of our team, in fact, we are able to make an important selection already at the time of harvest, separating the perfectly ripened and flawless grapes from all the others. Once harvested, the grapes are loaded on special wagons and transported to the cellar, where they are sent for vinification.

Tenute d'Italia would like to thank all the members of its team involved in the harvesting operations: once again this year we have worked with passion and dedication – and we like it like that!

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